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From Abraham to Egypt Calling of Abraham, Origin of the people of Israel. Most salient events, election, calling, assignment, land promises. 47 slides, pictures and text



From Egypt to the promised land continuation of the above.
Exodus, giving of the Law at Mt Sinaï, journey accross the desert, obedience and disobedience, first kings, dispersion and return. some 50 slides
Israel - the Olive Tree The olive tree in the Bible is often mentioned as a symbol for the people of Israel.
Sequence of relevant Scripture passages, pictures and text, 47 slides



Messianic prophecy Messianic prophecy in the Hebrew Bible. Based on Dr Michael Rydelnik's Course at DTS, Summer 2005. 57 slides, notes and bibliography- (ppt requires password) ppt

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Under His Feet

A Biblical Theology of Authority

God's authority, justice & dealings with sin & rebellion in self, family, church and political arenas. TOPICS: Perversion of authority, hardening of the heart & bondage of the will, conscience & accountability, law & faith standards, character education & teen rebellion, honor & holiness code, the true nature of political & ecclesiastical systems compared with theocracy & the Kingdom of Messiah, Just War Theory, the limits of spiritual powers, heavenly citizenship, spiritual abuse, Stewardship, Discipline & Restoring covenant relationships in family & church, the mystery of the Body of Messiah & the New Man, flesh & Spirit, overcomers & wrestling with God, authority in believer's prayer &  praise, spiritual warfare & mission, juding rightly & final judgment, servant leadership, Church, State & Israel.

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Toward A Theology of Suffering Suffering has a personal and a corporate dimension. The prophets wrote about sufferings as part of the birthpangs of Israel (the time of 'Jacob's trouble'). We offer this PPT show as a help in preparing Jews and Christians alike for difficult times ahead. May you find answers to difficult questions as you ponder over these slides created for a DTS course project in 2005.

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